This is BAZA Loops, a new platform with groovy loop samples suited for crafting minimal, tech-house, techno music and everything in between those styles, including influences from micro-house, the so-called “ro-minimal” or even broken beats.

The concept of BAZA Loops is that in here you’ll find in one place a wide range of foundations for tracks, suited for many types of clubbing musical journeys. From warm up and deep vibes, to main club moments through more intense ones and then to after party moods with twisted approaches and feelings, from happy and funky, to dark, mysterious energies and everything in between.

The sounds are organised into construction kits, which allow you to use the individual loops from the same pattern, develop it in your own unique style, both in terms of processing and creatively.

Construction kits are composed from drum elements, bass, themes, pads, FXs and groove sounds.

The BAZA Loops database will begin with 1000 patterns as construction kits (more than 10000 individual and grouped loops) and every month it will be updated with hundreds of fresh ones. Each month the collection will be diverse in terms of musical spectrum, thanks to collaborations with a large group of dedicated producers from all across the world.

BAZA represents a tool for igniting creativity; it is not intended to be a precise genre-oriented library of samples, but rather to be explored for its assortment of sounds. For example, the random function will allow you to effortlessly discover other musical paths, areas you may not have considered previously or were unable to achieve through your previous compositions.

All samples are royalty free so you can use them immediately to make your own tracks, edits, remixes, build your live acts and mixes.

Aside from samples, BAZA will include special video tutorials with professional tips and tricks on how to get the most out of these loops. The more BAZA sounds you’ll get, the more you will be able to access videos to help you develop your production skills.

What’s great about the platform is that you can buy only what you like. You’ll be able to use your credits just for the patterns/construction kits you prefer and avoid filling your hard drive with content that you’ll never use.

Besides this massive database of patterns you’ll be able to purchase individual artist sample packs, recorded and created by well-known producers from the industry, starting with some outstanding ones from Premiesku and Guy From Downstairs.


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